7 Steps You Need To Take To Be Powerful When Giving Birth

During the birth process, of course Mother will require a lot of energy or energy. It is important for Mother to maintain stamina so as not to run out of energy, so that labor can run smoothly. It is recommended that mothers prepare carefully before delivery, including preparing themselves to be energized during the process. Not only when she wants to give birth normally, Mother also needs to prepare enough energy to give birth by caesarean section. Support the Childbirth Process The birthing process can be likened to hard physical training. In order for the uterine muscles to work optimally and the delivery process to run smoothly, Mother requires a lot of energy. Some things you can do to stay energized during labor, namely: Prepare the items thoroughly Careful preparation before giving birth will make the mother more calm and powerful during labor. Mother can prepare items that will be taken during the delivery process in advance. Don't forget to prepare enough clot
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